Who am i?


Lucas Gabrielsson


Janne Frejborg (Spotter) , Robert Sandström , Mathias Karlqvist, Janne Näränen


Anette Lindström

Car mechanic entrepreneur. Soon to be 33-year old "Daredevil" from Porvoo/Finland who has done a lot in life so far.

Since young age my way of doing things has been the fact that you face challenges with self-actualization. At times there has been some downhill moments for example with the mechanics of the car failing on us badly but we have pursued on with the help of our team and many "Outsider" personnel.

Our team include offcially seven people but temperamentally this team is much bigger. On our side stand so many associates, Supporters and encouragement that i couldn't be more thankful.

Let's put the wheels spinning and hope for the best from the season of 2024!

My Motto: "Do your job in a way that you can be proud for it."